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 Need heavy-duty slurry pumps?

 Need  custom-engineered slurry pumps?

 Or need heavy-duty slurry valves?

SUNALS is your solution to all these questions!


  SUNALS CANADA LIMITED is a specialized supplier of pumps and valves. It represents Kehui Hydraulic Technology, Ltd. (KHT) and Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory (SIPF) in China. KHT boasts a engineering staff with more than 40 years experience in slurry pump development, while SIPF is a well-known machinery manufacturer with a history of 50 years plus. SIPF is now a ISO9001 certified manufacturer of heavy-duty slurry pumps, multi-stage waste water pumps, desulphurization pumps, circulating pumps, as well as slurry valves. Features of the products are high reliability, easy maintenance, long wet parts life and high efficiency. Sunals is not simply a representative of the companies it represents. It has the expertise in slurry handling to serve users outside of China, such as pump selection, after-sales technical support, help customize pumps, and so on. All it has been doing is to make sure that its customers are satisfied with the quality of the products and services.


At SUNALS, we always put our customers in the first place. In our mind, we are not selling our products, but we are providing our products for our customers along with our best services.

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