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Horizontal pumps



 Horizontal Pumps

 Horizontal slurry pumps are single-stage, single-suction, over-hung, separately coupled, frame mounted, lined, centrifugal pumps. The liners, also known as wet parts are exchangeable and can be made of wear-resistant chromium alloy cast iron or rubber, depending on customer's application.

Vertical pumps

Slurry valves

Other products






  • Capacity:15-18,000USGPM (3.5-4,100m3/h)
  • Total Differential Head: 8-430FEET (2.5-130m)
  • Pumping Temperature: 40-180oF (4-85oC)

[Typical Applications]

  • Ore, fines or tailings slurry in metal producing plants
  • Petroleum tar or coal slurry in fuel industries
  • Coal ash and cinder slurry in coal-firing power plants
  • Sand slurry in glass making or dredging
  • Coarse salt slurry, and alkali crystal slurry

[Shaft Seal Arrangements]

  • Expeller plus Mechanical seal
  • Expeller plus packing

[Bearing Lubrication]

  • Oil purge, oil mist or grease

[Other Features]

  • Pump casing vertically split
  • Pump discharge nozzle can be positioned at a 45o interval in the vertical plane.
  • Pump and its driver can be connected via flexible coupling, belt or other speed regulating devices such as hydraulic transmission or gear box.

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 Vertical Pumps

Vertical slurry pumps are single-stage, single-suction, over-hung, separately coupled, wet pit volute pumps. The impeller and volute are made of wear-resistant chromium alloy cast iron.




  • Capacity:20-2,000USGPM(4.5-450m3/h)

  • Total Differential Head: 8-150FEET(2.5-45m)

  • Pumping Temperature: 40-180oF(4-85oC)

[Typical Applications]

[Shaft Seals]

  • No shaft seal

[Bearing Lubrication]

  • Grease

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 Slurry valves are lined gate valves. The wet parts are made of chromium alloy cast iron. They feature a special design of the gate slut and seal that can effectively prevent solids from settling in it.


  • NPS 2 through 50 in

  • Manual control or electrical control

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     Other Products

 In addition to heavy-duty slurry pumps and valves, the following pump products are also available:

  • Desulphurization pumps

  • Wastewater pumps

  • Tools for pump maintenance

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